Give your time and talent by serving on a nonprofit board in your Michigan community.
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Need Great Board Candidates?
If you are a nonprofit leader in Michigan, use this site and our virtual event series to connect with prospective candidates, many who you -- without our approach -- would never have access to.
I Want to Serve
We know you want to help nonprofits that matter to you and are working in your Michigan community. But oftentimes you don’t know how or where to start in getting access to board positions.
What Does It Do?
An “always-on” platform and virtual events
in your Michigan community connect qualified candidates to Michigan nonprofits who need new and diverse board members.
Why Now?
Our pandemic-disrupted world requires new and immediate tools to help nonprofits create WIDER -- welcoming, inclusive, diverse, equitable and representative -- nonprofit boards. This platform and services supporting it help connect interested Michigan residents to active nonprofits for better recovery and resiliency in every community, region and for the entire state of Michigan.
What Makes It Unique?
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Our services combined with innovative technology
that uses artificial intelligence to identify best fits between candidates and Michigan nonprofits are enhanced by virtual events across the state.
For Whom?
All residents of Michigan, all Michigan counties and communities, and active Michigan nonprofits.
Ready to Get Started?
Create your profile and get ready to find the perfect organization, be found by them or participate in a virtual event.
Get Started
What Attendees Have to Say
"The virtual event was awesome. I did get to talk to a lot of nonprofits and in fact was able to connect and find a board seat. Thank you for organizing such a fruitful experience.”
Asawari Deshmukh
BoardConnect Virtual Event Attendee